haaaaaaaaa, a MASSIVE spider :O

tell me whether you jumped or not at the end… hhhhhhhh

if an aussie tries to catch a spider…


screams OMG!!! omg u have spiders that big there?!! omg omg omg i was cringing all the way!! omg if that happened to me id literally die…die :blink:

when the spider fell on him a chill ran up my spine… :neu:

a chill? omg i nearly screamed out loud shivers :blink:

LOL girls i literally jumped up from my seat, and then i got into a laughing fit and couldn’t stop until mum came in and asked me what was so funny and she wanted to see it too… parents :unsure: lol i love the bit when his foot goes into the bowl he tried using xD

anyway yeah we have massive spiders here, im used to the daddy long legs but the others make my spine tingle and i have to screeeeeeaaaam for help… dad likes to grab them with a tissue, but mum prefers the vacuum cleaner… either way i lock myself into another room till they make sure that creepy critter is out of the house.

i was soooo freaked out i couldnt find anything funny omg poor guy omg eeeeeeeew eeew eeeew!
wallah i knew there had to be a blessing living in the UK…we dont have spiders that big L7AMDULILAH! i just scream at the tiniest ones and id prob have a nervous breakdown if i saw spiders dat big omg eeew :blink: :hm:

lol course it wouldnt be funny if that was ME in that dude’s position, u guys would probably be saying RIP LA in that case but watching him freak ouuuuuuuut was too funny

lol haha so true…yekh :hm: