Guidelines for using the free Darija translation forum -Speak Moroccan

Dear members,

For a better use of the translation forum, please keep in mind some simple guidelines:

  • Please post your translation request once, and only once. All duplicate messages are deleted, and it doesn’t speed up the response time when you post your request many times. You just give admins and mods a hard time tracking your duplicate messages.
  • Please write keyword-rich titles like “I love you in Moroccan Arabic”, or “Need short condolences messages in Darija”, instead of just “please help”, or “need translation”.
  • Please remember that we are translating on the forum for free, so at least thank the person who takes the time to reply to your request. When someone translates your message, they expect to hear back from you and know that their efforts were well appreciated.
  • Please introduce yourself first before posting a translation request. [The new comers forum is over here]
  • Please always try to provide the context of your translation request. This helps us understand what you need, and thus offer a better translation for you. Also, we need to understand what we are helping you with!
  • Please be patient when waiting for your message to be translated.
  • We are aware that you might be posting a message containing offensive language without you being aware of that (otherwise you wouldn’t be asking for help to understand it). So please be understanding when you see your message edited by an admin or moderator to eliminate any rude language. You get a private note about what the deleted words mean, for your own “culture”.

Thank you.

thank u everyone for helping those of us who do not speak moroccan :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, pkj001 :).

I have some conversations I need translated. They are personal and have to do with my relationship. I hope you ae willing to help me.

Thank you for helping us that do not have the knack for learning this wonderful language…Sometimes I feel helpless because of my lack of knowledge. Thanks again!!

this is a great site, God Bless u all … shukran

this is an interesting site, thank you all

Thanks for sharing this info. One question: How do I delete messages? The same message has been posted many times, because when I wanted to submit the message, I got an error message asking me to try again in 5 to 10 minutes. Now I see all the times I tried, the message has been posted despite of the error message. I am so sorry for the inconvenience. I am very thankful and happy that you are willing to help people to understand Darija. Thank you so much!