can someone tell me more about this dance/custom? thanks!!
videos would be nice!

so first i wanna say that the word guedra means in darija the cooking pot or cauldron where we make soups … the nomads took this pot and covered it with animal skin and made a drum to use it in making the rythm to this dance .
the guedra is not like other dances in the middle east ( zar or 7adra ) which involve the exorcism of demon spirits or killing chickens, the guedra is purely beneficial and joyful.
the guedra is a simple dance but to make it work you must lose yourself in the movement and feel it …

The Guedra is a 3 layer ritual built accordingly:

  • Alternate clapping, one group clapping on 1, second group clapping on 2. Rhythmic element also provided by drumming on the “cauldron”.
  • Chants which blend together to create a wall of sound, and
  • the dancer, who translates this energy into movement through her hands

here’s a video i found in youtube :



I had never heard of the Guedra dance, but from watching it a couple times I was amazed at how someone could dance on their knees with such rhythm. Truly beautiful…