gouli ?

what means this word “gouli” ?
In English please.

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gouli tell me

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I often heard this word, but I never could find the meaning of this word.
Now, i know.

It’s addressing feminin

You mean the person to whom we’re saying “Gouli” must be a woman?

Exactly…“goul” for men

Oooh, that is so good to know, 'cause I thought that “goul” is the base and it means “Say” or “Tell” and the final “-i” indicates “to me” = Tell me. I didn’t even know how wrong I was! Thank you so much! Shukran bezaf!

Nope ! you are not wrong, the word you’re talking about is actually 2 words that can be written both attached & seperated : “goulli” or “goul li”

for feminin : “goulili” or “gouli li”

The attached form is the most common, the most common seperated form use “lya/liya” instead of li (no big deal difference in the meaning) : “goul lya”, “gouli lya”

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Ok, thank you very much once again!