Got this message from a moroccoan friend ....

And I can speak a little dareeja, but I have no idea what this is. Can anyone help a sista out?

kol sana wanti taiba ya amora
3ead sa3id


Salam. Would the sista want to introduce herself? The salon is over here.

Are you Moroccan? Your Moroccan friend sent you a this message in Egyptian, not Darija. It says:

“May you be fine every year, beautiful girl.
Happy 3id”

The first sentence is a typical expression meaning “many returns of the day”.

My name is Allyson, and I lived in Morocco for a time last year. He knew I only knew Moroccoan that trickster! :smiley: haha. Thank you sooo much! It is very zweena. What would be appropriate to say back to him do you think?

Wanna be a trickster too answering in Egyptian? Or maybe a mixture to confuse him about what you know? :wink:
Let me know.

PS: For you to have other members welcome you, you need to open a separate topic in the new members forum.

Gotcha. I will do so as soon as I am done with school.

Yeah! I would love to answer him back in Egyptian! yaya

So here it goes:

W enta tayyib ya name. (Or ammor, the masculine version of ammora… Actually it’s a diminituve of amar -qamar- meaning moon, a symbol of beauty for Egyptians)
W ya rabb ykoun 3id sa3id 3alik w 3ala el3ila elkarima. = And I hope that it will be a happy 3id for you and for your family.