Got some troubles with a word :)

Hi, I don’t really know how to spell this word since I’ve only heard it and never read it. It sounds like this:“Bsaha”

And is often said in response to a thank you, after one has taken a shower, bought something new etc. The problem I have is I don’t know exactly what it means, even though I know the correct times to use it since I hear it so often.

Another problem I have is what do I respond? My aunt taught me last year to say (excuse my spelling again) “Allah ataek saha”, but there must be other responding words than just these, maybe for different situations or just for some variation :stuck_out_tongue: Hope someone can help me with this

no, your aunt is right. traditionally we respond

allah y3atik sa7a when someone says bsa7a to us. it means god return the same thing (health) that they just offered you.

you can say this after some says bsa7a to you, every time. they will usually say it to you for a new thing, a new sandal, t-shirt, shoes, going to the 7ammam (and coming back new), taking a normal shower. a new hairdo or cut. when offering food that you have prepared. it means enjoy with health. and we say, god also give you health.

you can also say other stuff like its very nice, or where you bought the sweater, or how much you like especially the way she cooks the gzar in the couscous just so, but first you should just only say

allah y3tik sa7a

Yes I know she’s right, I just wondered if there were other ways to respond, it seems kind of like “overdoing it” if I would go around saying “allah y3tik sa7a” so many times a day… Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

nope not overdoing it, you should say it every time someone says it to you. if u want to just say llah 7afdik or choukran instead, you could. but for me, it wouldnt be right.

actually u can also say ‘‘rebbi ykhelik’’ … ‘’ chokran ‘’ …

ps- dont learn ur darija from ACHMINFAR :no:

rja3 lsara9 lzeit

yay everyone is coming back now i dont have to pretend like i know anything anymore!!!

exaaaaactly this is y im here hhhhh i heard that ur teachin ppl darija here hhhh shame on u :stuck_out_tongue:

haha, well I appreciate all the help I can get… for the sake of my family in morocco I need to learn darija :wink:

haha chkoun lawal kan ygoulak irja3 ba3da

hhhhhhhh everybody except LA :stuck_out_tongue: