A source says the Darija word for better is 7sen - does it therefore follow that l7sen is “best”?

The same source says that “bad” is khâib - would “worse” be “akhâib”, “lkhâib”, or something I’ve missed?

Comparatives and superlatives in Darija.
Good = Mzyân
Better (than) = 7sn (mn)
Best = a7san
–> Like in, a7san 7aja, the best thing.
No, it’s not l7sn, that’s rather a masculine name :). I see how you copied that from the MSA rules for superlatives.

As for bad:
Bad = khâyb
Worse = khyeb
Worst = akhyab

Does the rule for khâyb follow for other adjectives with two long vowels (especially ây) in them? I can’t think of any offhand, but I’m sure more such words exist.

One other question about good: Is there a feminine form? Would I say mzyâna?

hi PolyglotWannabe! yes,mezyana/mzyana does exist,but for the feminine of better or of best… I don’t know…here i ask SM :smiley: