go to sleep!! :P

hello my dear language related friends of the forum.
this year i began my arabic studies,but this fact encreased even more my love for darija.
so…today i was wondering:how do you say go to sleep! and what’s the diffrence between sir and tji i just can’t figure it out… hope you can help me with those questions
one more:what’s the diffrence between khalf and tht are they both meaning “behind”?
and how do i say before? qbl or goubila (with that G sound like in “good”) ??

alf marra shukran bash nt3awni

Go to sleep : sir tan3ass, if you are addressing a guy( or something masculine). For a lady ( or something feminine you would say: Siri tna3ssi.

Khalf means: Behind
Taht means: under

for before : you would say: Gbal, with the G sounds like as in “good”.