please don’t faint when you see my avatar, we have no paramedics on the forum.


no believe me this girl wont be fainting haha :smiley: too old 4 me no offence haha :wink:



loooool :smiley:

by the way who is he ??

no believe me this girl wont be fainting haha :smiley: too old 4 me no offence haha ;)[/quote]
oh shoosh! we both know you’re holding yourself so tight not to faint everytime u look at it

samosh, his name’s RIM-K and he’s a rapper in France, an Algerian one :wink: the pic isn’t enough, you gotta hear his voice aaaaaaaaa :za:

People ruuuuunnnn we gotta give touta the electric shock, or else we’re losing her



Don’t worry… no need in electric shock now… At first I m going to listen to his rap :scrm:

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i might listen to his rap . but his look!!! allah yjib oops
may allah forgive me lol

yeah im holding myself tight…coz its freeeeeeeeeeeezing :stuck_out_tongue:

yesssss girls listen to his rap and THEN decide.

Sam plzzzzzzzzzzz don’t say thatttttt, you girls have no proper taste :stuck_out_tongue: even brad pitt is like Frankenstein next to rim-k diali

Omg im doing my best not faint aboow its so hard… hahahah seriously is this a joke or something :P, i would understand if it was a pic of The Game or maybe C.Ronaldo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

aisha hbiba are u serious !!! :huh:

haha soz lalla but looks like ur alone in the rim-k department :stuck_out_tongue:
id understand if it was ibrahim ya know sigh
dya like old guys ? lol like i dnt understand how girls like ppl like george clooney hhhhhh

lol you girls are too mean, you can just pretend he is so drop dead just to make me feel better :stuck_out_tongue:

and mini, im not into old guys no no no nooooooo… rimk is just an exception.

ibrahim “i know” = girly faced little boy that has no facial hair
C. Ronaldo = Portuguese monkey faced tall celery stick


omg u just did not call ibrahim a girly faced little boy that has no facial hair!!! :blink:

  1. he’s soooooooo not girly he’s soooooooo cute!! not his fault he has a baby face haha :hap:
  2. i cant see no facial hair on rim-k, that moustache is virtually nuffin lol :roll:

exactly that…

rim-k has a hot moustaaaache going on and if u cant see it u need some spektakilz :stuck_out_tongue: jk

allow it ibby is a little adolescent boy who still needs to grow
jjjjj just teasing coz you guys insulted my rimk :stuck_out_tongue:

as a bit of an ugly man myself, i think i can say with authority, that:

that dude is str8ght uggg

sorry aicha but on the good side, it’s all u cuz i cant see who else would want him

lol shoosh up ach… one person’s khayb can be another’s zwin… and this buddy here who has honoured me with accepting my request to be displayed in my avatar is one fiiiiiiiine zine wellahi billah

p.s: girls, plz come back to view this thread once you’ve all purchased yourselves 150g of “good taste in men” from the local milkbar… thanks :slight_smile: