Ghetto Reporter xD

CAUTION: some foul language in the video, but still hilarious

Notice how he sounds so educated and polite while presenting the news… but that changes :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, oh… big words here, LA!

I thing Mr. Mad and Mr. Ouazz are’nt a good influence to you…

Welcome to the dark side!

I had some experiences like this recording a documentary on Tangier streets… In some interviews people gathered around the speaker and wanted to be on the screen action… some terrible problems with security… big words also… :slight_smile:

LOL I’m not that quick to being influenced by other beoblez. I don’t use these words myself, so still cleaaaaan alhamdulillah :slight_smile:

What were u making the doc about?


oooh la ha cagado el negrito jejejejejejeejejej

Ouazz, thanks.

Mad, stop being racist.

sorry LA in morocco we have a lot of blacks and we live with them soooo peacefully
we call them 3zi or 3ziwa or or or or … en plan cachondeo
so i wasnt insultin this guy … he is black and this is his truth :slight_smile:

Ok ok I don’t speak spanish but I saw negrito which I assumed was derogatory… nevermind

lollllll r u black ? :stuck_out_tongue:

hhhhhh when was the last time you heard of a black turk?

well loolll i heard :
fumer comme un turc
etres fort comme un turc
why not : etre black comme un turc :stuck_out_tongue:

HAHAHAHAHA i swear that was the best reporter ever :smiley:

lollll the top 2 are right, i accept, but the 3rd one is pure madridi bulltish :smiley:

Turks are generally either:

  • white
    -a bit tanned
    -BLOODY tanned
    -African (we consider them kurd)

:stuck_out_tongue: kand7ek, but the darkish turks are from the east, and they’re superflyyy, i think

YOu just love the fact that he swore so much :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahahaha yes :smiley: how did you knwo that :p? no he was cool xD

I’ll get you his number, wait chwia :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok waiting xD

yeah cooooolll i want his number too i wanna teach him more , he was so bad at swearin :stuck_out_tongue:

you wanna get him fired? :no:

Tafoukt, it was hard but I finally managed to get it :stuck_out_tongue: here it is:


Enjoy :smiley:

awe thats a serial number for a porn website :smiley:
thnx LA i didnt know he is workin there