Game: I like - I don't like

The game goes like this: A person tells us about the something she likes, and the next person has to tell us about something she doesn’t like, and so on so forth, like this:

Person 1: I like nature.
Person 2: I don’t like bread.
Person 3: I like music.
Person 4: I don’t like…

I’ll start:
I like the beach.

I don’t like hospitals :frowning:

Neither do I :(.

I like English.

I don’t like sneaks

You meant snakes? Grrr! I hate them too.

I like ice cream :okay:.

yes I do.
my favorite ice cream is chocolate mmm!!!

i don’t like to do the dishes, (I prefer to cook)

i like indian movies!

I don’t like Hammams :flag:.

i like cats.

I don’t like worms. :yuck:

I loove traveling :cool:

i hate cockroaches

I like Hiba’s avatar :^^:.

OMG thanks you’re great! I like yours too :smiley:

I also liked the little moroccan girl avatar she was sooo cuute :slight_smile:

I don’t like uncooked meat

I think I lost that Berber girl’s one.

I like candies.

I like the colour RED

I DON’T Like Coffee

I Like To Play With My Baby

I dont like backstabbers

I Love Moroccan Architecture :D:D