after beeing to Djeema l fna square i discovered this kind of tea…
it’s a reddish one,very spicy,very strong,taste like ginger root,clove,cinnamon…it’s served with a brown type,spicy as well,of sweet
i’m not sure about the name of the tea… ii it Galanga? or it has another name in Darija? helpme to find it out
also…is it common in all morocco? cause i saw it only in marrakech…

lol Sarah, if i got right what u mean, i tried that tea to … and in Marrakech only, on Djemaa of course :smiley:

hahaha it can warm up so great! coz of spices … well i know it like khodanjal … my moroccan friends use this word, but idk … because it sounds so diff comparin to ur galanga :unsure:

idk mhm a guy told me it has some kind of afrodisiac effect…hihihi
so Touta…if you liked the tea you can tell me if it worked on you or not :lol:

personally i didn’t liked it…it tasted too spicy in clove (it seems like i was drinking the henna i do at home because of cloves :mdr: )

u sure that’s tea !!! spices, warm up,…sounds like snails sauce to me

Yep!! it’s a kind of tea…reddish,served in a glass :mdr: and it comes out of those big copper “bottles” used to bring warm tea…

hahahahaha yeah, Sarah … we mean the same thing, im sure now!

lol Paperbird, i know what is that snails sauce eww btw :stuck_out_tongue: it’s different

well, it’s not that i liked that tea but i wanted to try it, of course i’d rather prefer a glass of a great sweet mint tea :smiley:

oh yeah! lovely sweeeeeeeet mint tea! mmmm and also Luisa (atay b l-louiza) after a honey mssmen…mmmm diabolicus :fouet:

hahahaha i just remember my first mint tea in Morocco … i thought how it’s possible to put sooooooo much sugar??? :smiley:

it’s terrible! :ym: especially if you’re used to low-sugar or very little sugar in your tea… when you see a piece of sugar 12x7 cm into tea pot ehm…you start worrying a little about tooth health…
but omg moroccan tea(s) are deliciuos

hahahaha Sarah, and especially more if ur used to a black tea without any sugar … but since we don’t live in Morocco all the time it’s ok lol

how did u find moroccan breakfast ? :stuck_out_tongue: it’s different, right ?

yep!! a found my favorite breakfast with mssmen and i was so happy with it :hap: but…
another shock was to see people taking harira,o bisara or another white type of soup at 7 in the morning WITH TEA :blink: :blink:
what’s your favorite moroccan breakfast?

hahahahahaha Sarah yeah, some ppl really have funny food habits like havin a soup for a breakfast :smiley: as for me i wasn’t that surprised coz i can see the same even at my home loll

mmm actually there are not that many things that i don’t like, so i liked almost all what’s usually offered for a breakfast in Morocco … dunno why but from all things i chose a simple harsha like my favorite thing ever haha btw i saw Meknesiya posted a recipe here, im so grateful to her, gonna try it :slight_smile: