from your fridge to next member

open ur fridge
take smthg
give it to the next member

ana 3andi danone qarrab yakhsar

yallah, nouba dyal man???

I take it :wink:

from ma fridge… a carrot…
hak ya lnext member… carrot

i take it … good for vision :stuck_out_tongue: i need vision to c hot chicks :stuck_out_tongue:

i have in my fridge milk :smiley: date de peremption 9/9/09

eh, its ok i’ll boil it and then make myself a nescafe with it

i have zitoun in my fridge, voilaa bsa7tek

euuh i think that this game will be more interestin if we play it in darija … i mean we must give both the word in darija and english to make it more usefull

euh i take zitoune miam miam … black ones ???

i have salami in my fridge

noooo green ones are the best

salami, stinky but not bad with toast

3ndi tofa7 f-fridge dialy, bghiti?

yeah green apples :stuck_out_tongue:

ana 3ndi ness djaja m7emra

greeeN? red ones are the best!!

djaja is chicken, m7emra is … ? somethng to do with red?

3ndi fromage, chwia out of date mais encore bniiiiin xD

3ziz 3liya lefrmaj

3andi a sidi wa7ad 3asir dyal teffa7
ma khasarsh

thnk uuu :slight_smile:

mmmm lemme see what i have in the fridge today :slight_smile:

anyone for a home made lemonade :smiley:

3ndi gateau fi fridge ta3i…

ma ka n7amlouche but okay

chate li chwiya dyal felfela safra 7lowa

lol i changed it now haha

gateau wakha


chate li chwiya dyal felfela safra 7lowa