advance “thank u” for your reply… i want the moroccan translation of this …thanks

“yes im crazy…but only for you baby”

“be a good boy please! stop messing around… be shame to ur self cos
ur not a kid anymore… fix ur life!”

"wearing same dress red and white… "

“baby stop drinking alcohol everyday!!!feel pitty for urself…take care of urself…drink poison instead!!!”

imiss u so much more than i cant explain…i will trust u even its very hard…miss u loveu babe"

shukran for the replies people…

Latika, you should not easily resign yourself to having a relationship with a Muslim whom you find it necessary to send warnings to regarding the consumption of alcohol. If he’s misbehaving now, well, let me just quote a saying my mother always drilled into our heads as girls, “He who is faithful in little is faithful also in much; he who is faithless in little is faithless also in much.”

I know you didn’t ask for anyone’s opinion, but I have to tell you, if he is willing to violate fundamental precepts of his religion, he’s no good to himself nor to anyone else.

Amen to that !

Eh ana 7am9a…walakin 7am9a bik. * i can’t find a word for “baby”, they usually use a disgustin word called “7obbi” !!

[quote=latika]“be a good boy please! stop messing around… be shame to ur self cos
ur not a kid anymore… fix ur life!”[/quote]
koon derri mezyan 3afak, baraka men tfelya…7shem shwiyara mab9itish derri sghyr, sla7 7yatek!

labsa nafs el keswa, 7mar w byad…

baraka ma tsker koll n’har, khaf 3la rassek, thalla f’rassek…shrab semm f’blast shrab!!!

twa7ashtek bezzaf ktar men ma n9dar neshra7…ghadya nti9 fik wakha s3ib…twa7ashtek kanebghik.


Oh Latika, I didn’t mean to make you cry sweetheart. And thanks, Paperbird, for the backup. I wasn’t quite sure what sort of a response I might engender…

wa lakin ya haneenaty andaaaaKK. Ma 3ndaksh ma tdiri bil mashakeel…wash aShaiTan durri?

no no… lol im not crying…no heart feelings i swear…u are all my brothers and sisters…shukran… heheheheheh…

Latika, come back sweetiepie…Latika, Latika, where are you?

hi…im back…im here… hehehe… "ana msaameh leek :slight_smile: WATS THE MEANING OF THIS WORDS>>>??? THANK U…