for some weird reason..

at the moment i cannot connect to ANYWHERE on the internet with my computer, EXCEPT for this website… WHAT THE FRICK?

hahahahhaha ur computer is addicted now to SM :smiley:
mabrouk lalla :stuck_out_tongue:

ps- gtg now c u later

u know you jinxed me, straight after i posted this message i could no longer connect to SM either

ta ta :hi:

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ur computer sux :smiley:
btw l7aja lli matchbeh moulaha 7ram hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

shno shno shno?

was just kiddin :smiley:


l7aja lli matchbeh moulaha 7ram is a moroccan proverb … it means that anything that belongs to u and it doesnt match to u is haram

ooooooh i know it hhhhh

thanjs fore the cimplement

hhhhhhh ur welcome :stuck_out_tongue: