flood in the desert???

Hi all,

I’ve heard about a flood having taken place in the desert area of Maroc last week.
Does somebody know more about it? I can’t find anything about it on the web…

Kind regards, Xsara

I didn’t hear anything about that. Where did you hear that?

My friend is on a roundtrip trough Morocco. I’ve spoken with him again right now. The distaster must have happened somewhere north-east of Merzouga (sorry, I couldn’t remember the name of the village). 500 houses destroyed, 20 or 30 dead people and plenty of geeses and sheeps killed, several bridges out of service etc… Everything a couple of days ago.
That’s all I know.

How do you say: “Until tomorrow”?
Laila saida, Xsara

I didn’t hear about that :O! And how come it’s nowhere on the Internet?

Until tomorrow = 7ttâ l ghddâ.

J’ai trouvé seulement cette note:

Mais j’ai trouvé beaucoup des articles concernants des inondations en Maroc pendant les dernières années. Je ne savais pas, que à côté de la sechesse il y a aussi le contraire qui fait des problèmes au Maroc.

7ttâ mn bâd (à plus tard???), Xsara

oh my GOSH, thats horrible :(((