first time post. :)

Thank goodness i found this site.
I am trying to learn darija but am having some difficulty translating this.
Please can you help me.

malk akha madzti kmiti m3aya jwane
wla gouliya

bkate far3a lia lwalida rassi
bkite m3aha ah kbel matji bchwia lkitini tfitou

Thank you

malk akha madzti kmiti m3aya jwane = why u didnt come to roll a joint with me
wla gouliya = or tell me
impossible = :smiley:

bkate far3a lia lwalida rassi = my mom was nagging on me
bkite m3aha ah kbel matji bchwia lkitini tfitou = i stayed with her ,before u came i shut it down

thats helps a lot.

Thank you very much.

You’ll definatley be hearing from me again. :slight_smile:

In case the first sentence wasn’t clear, I’d like to rephrase:
Why didn’t you pass by to smoke some *** with me? Or was it impossible?

For the last sentence, the person certainly meant shutting down the mobile.

Kmi w tkimma w shuf shinni tmma…
:crazy: :ange:

Mar7aba bik!

Would it be possible to know which word is the equivalent of *** in your translation DL ?

weed , hash …

ouazzani loooll i like it in merakchi darija :
kmi w shem t3ref ach tem

Ya madridista, I wanna know the darija words for weed and hash in this text

jwan = joint

“John” in my language is Joan, exactly de pronunciation for jwan. So imagine when a friend that’s named like this meet my moroccan friends :slight_smile:

In north Morocco only young people smokes “jwan”. It’s more usual the original product: kif. They make a “cocktail” with weed (also called kif) and tobacco, 70% / 30 % more or less. They work on the leaves till they have dust, they mix it very well and smoke it in a long thin small pipes called “sibsi”, “sbasa” for the plural.

My teacher of darija hands working on kif:

and my sibsi (dial ghargh3):

true story ouazzani , but not only in the north they r smokin jwanat (plural for jwan )
maybe it is cultivated there but u can find 7chich in all moroccan cities
about the sebsi im not sure if it is chamali :smiley: ive never heard it sayin al3ayel ntina mnaaaaaawnakh looll
but i’ll do some researches and let u know

thnx catalan

Yeah, you are right, jwanat are everywhere, but also in spain they smoke a lot of weed and hach (you know it, madridista).

And about sibsi, it’s the traditional way to smoke the cannabis plant in morocco since uuuuuuufff… I think there is some references in the greeks writings, and may be also the greek miths mention in some way this. But jwanat, it was not ‘til 60’, when hippies arrived to morocco from kabul and other places in the middle-east (It says nothing to you the “Marrakech Express”?), that gave the technic of making hachich. Before that, always with sibsi.

In Tangier, Tetwan, La3raix, but specially in Chawen, Ketama… a lot of adults smokes it. People smokes it sitting in qahwa, sitting in street, working… To see it you only have to avoid the turistic places (boulevard, comercial medina…).

Nowadays, governement is pushing up the cultive zones, limiting it and pressing on growers (pressure that extends to consumers, of course). But there is yet a cannabis growing busness really big in the whole Rif, Ketama and Chawen zones. In fact, the drugs productions is one of the strenghts of morocco when they have to negotiate with other countries, specially Spain. The other two are inmigration and fishing zones. Ah, and a new one since some years ago: agriculture and the growing number of tones that morocco is exporting to europe.

And yeah, i have a sibsi that wears chichia chemaliya and mandil :stuck_out_tongue:

Supermaket of sebasa in Casabarata (jo3tia) in Tangier

yeaaaah loooolll ouazzani , many times i was roamin with friends in the middle of the night and a group of spaniards or sometimes just one person asks us : ‘’ tienes chocolate ??? ‘’ ( do u have weed )
looooooooooll for them any moroccan is a drug dealer
about the sebsi i didnt know that’s soooo old … thnx for the info
about the government pressure :s bullspit , they cultivate it and send it to europe they cant stop their own business ( the only losers are the poor cultivators )
we dont need to negociate with Zapatero :stuck_out_tongue: he is a great guy :mdr: … :flag: but we really need to get prepared for the **** Rajoy :cry:

Rajoy? I :sac: to Morocco. ¿? What am I saying? I really DID emigrate to Morocco! :hah:

And yeah, for spaniards every moroccan is a drug dealer. But I remember some of my friends buying always to… morocans :frowning:

Somewhere in Morocco


ouazzani looll me too im planin to emigrate somewhere else if the PP will win :s