"Fin a zine" and "zine dyali" towards a man? + other endearments

Hey friends - I have a series of short translation requests / questions for anyone with the time :relaxed:

First, what is the literal translation of “fin a zine”? Is it “where is my beautiful”? And is it sometimes used to mean “how is my beautiful”?

And does “zine diali” mean “my beautiful”?

Finally - how would I say the equivalent of both these phrases (fin a zine, zine diali) to a man? and does anyone have any recommendations for short endearments like that to give towards a man? nothing too extravagant hh, but sweet and a little romantic, or just very friendly.

Thank you all in advance :heart:

[quote=“f1n08, post:1, topic:5831”]
“fin a zine”? Is it “where is my beautiful”?
[/quote] yes , it’s mean that, but “how is my beautiful?” mean “chekone zine diyali?”

[quote=“f1n08, post:1, topic:5831”]
And does “zine diali” mean “my beautiful”?
[/quote] Yes it does

Yeah make it simple, you like both meaning of [quote=“f1n08, post:1, topic:5831”]
(fin a zine, zine diali) [/quote] say “fin a bogosse?” and i can give you some sentense
to use it to man, like:
“fine a zewine?” , “kidayre a l bongosse?” , if friendly ? " fine a lferda diali?"
or “fine a l3alwa?”

Thank you!! Could you tell me what the suggested sentences mean? Bogosse, lferda, l3alwa, etc.

And would zewine the masc form of zine? Chokran bzaaaaff

mean gentelman

it’s mean pair, because you know we have pair of socks ext… :smiley:

that for note and “Al 3ayta” some music loved by popular

no it’s same, zwina for feminin and zewine for masculain
but zine you can use it for both and also for inanimate