Marhaban! I am not a Muslim, and this summer I would like to visit Marrakech and the mountains in Jbel Toubkal. If all goes well, I will arrive in Morocco during the holy month of Ramadan. Any advice on how to behave properly? I would like to try to observe the fast but I fear I will not be able to do it, as I am physically not accustomed, and neither are my fellow travellers. So, what should I do if I need to eat and to drink in the daytime? Maybe there is some phrase to excuse myself?


Marrakesh is a touristic city where a lot of foreigners/ non-muslims can be present at any time of the year, hence i don’t exclude the existance of certain places where people go to eat during the day of Ramadan. though these places are rare, but they would be the perfect place for you to behave freely, as if you’re looking to respect muslims during their month of fasting it won’t be that appropriate to take your food out of your bag & start eating infront of them, also , do them a favor & do not wear tied cloths or those that shows parts of your body, specially during daytime, that doesn’t mean its ok at night, but at least they would have finished their fasting for the day.

I think you would be able to try fasting, if you want so & if this is your 1st time, just try not to do a big effort during the day, also do not expose yourself a lot to sunshine or you will need to drink, speakin of which, if you keep your eyes, ears & nose away from any food-related thing, you’ll do good until sunset.

I am a muslim aged 24, which means i’m used to fast, however i always face hardships in Ramadn’s 1st. especially in recent years where Ramadan comes in hot weather.

Do you mean shawls worn in place of gowns (called “pareo” in Italy), or bathing towels and such? At any rate, I am a man and I don’t wear that stuff. Is a T-shirt on long trousers ok for men and women? Would it be unrespectful for a foreign woman to keep her head uncovered?

The problem is, I am going to hike in the mountains! We are going to walk over long distances and rises. I do not eat or drink much during a hike, but this is the first time I do a long trek in a hot country. I hate the idea of taking out my canteen and drink in front of the guide and mule drivers who cannot do it. I am going to be in Morocco between August 25 and September 3, and I read somewhere that 3id al-Fitr comes on Agust 30, is that correct?

Thank you!

Sorry, u weren’t clear about your sex, i apologize.
I thought you’re a woman because women always ask us on YahooAnswers about how should they behave/wear when they’re in Morocco. i don’t think you need to worry then, just keep sure you don’t appear topless infront of fasting women. (for stimulation, u know…)

3id al fetr is Shawal 1st.
In reference to the Gregorian calender, the Hijri one (to which belongs Ramadan, followed by Shawal) goes backward by approximately 11 days every year. i remember that last Ramadan was in the second week of August (8th - 12th ??), which mathematically means it will start paralelly with August this year. hence 3id al fitr will likely be in the week containing the end of August & the beginning of September.

that puts most of your hikings during Ramadan.

No need to apologize. Andrea is a musculine name in Italian, but feminine in English and German, so I’m used to this kind of misunderstandings. There will be women in my hiking party, including my wife, so any advice about ladies’ behavior is welcome.