farra9 and more

what do the following mean

  • ferra9

  • raha wellat (she became… ???)

  • tkouni (you are?) i want an explanation on this one

barakallahu fikom

  • Ferra9: to seperate, to distrebute, spread, to distingish.
  • ferra9 l khbar = spread the news.
  • ferra9 jornalat = distribute the newspapers.
  • ferra9 bin l khyr w sharr = distinguish between good & evil.
  • ferra9 drari 3la dryat = seperate the boys from the girls. <— this is often said as “fra9”
  • Raha wllat: it can mean she became, & it can mean she came back, according to the context in which “wellat” is used.
  • welliti l dark = you’ve come back home.
  • welliti khatar = you’ve becoem dangerous.
  • Tkouni: you (will) be/become
  • tkouni m3aya ? = will you be with me ?
  • khassk tkouni f shkel = you must be special.
  • ghadi tkouni wa3ra = you’ll be/become wonderful

bghitak tkouni 3arousa enchallah
for example

awiliiii thanks PAPER for a superb explanation,
and za3ma, choukran akhty/akhoya wlakin nti/a flawwel (hope that made sense, i meant you first)

jjjjjjjjjjjj amine?

u should’ve said: bghitak tkoun lawla
to use the new word

ok next time i will nchallah. thanks

I just note to you that “awili” is not the right word for this situation. u say awili when sth bad (or at least sth u didn’t like) happens

“awili” is kind of “a nari” :ok:

thanks for that 7ammoudi (what i call my bro, he has the same name as you)

iwa w ila bghiti t9oli chi 7aja 3la ldrirari ri soulihom ‘w fein konti mlli tfara9ou lzein??’ :stuck_out_tongue:

iwa iwa had so2al zwin bzzaf wlakin mafhemtich lol

he’s refering to a joke they usually say to girls instead of directly calling them ugly, they say “where were u when they were distributing beauty”

ooooooh hahaha that’s so funnnyyyyy!!! ok ok ok so if i want to say this to a dude, would it be exactly the same structure? so fin konti mlli tfara9ou lzein… nothing changes yeah

hhhhh that’s a good one, w barakallahu fik 3la ltarjama ya khoya PB :okay:


kayna a rwicha

fin kan mad melli kanou tiy farqou la3qal???

:no: u dont really wanna know ?? yak ?? :stuck_out_tongue:
anyway, i was watchin a MAD MAX movie :smiley:

staghfirullah ladeeem


kayna a rwicha

fin kan mad melli kanou tiy farqou la3qal???[/quote]
kan fbeit lma aoual mara chaf wara9at l7amam

@LA: yeah sorry i was gonna say what it meant and then i forgot…not 2 nice 2 say to girls, but i knew u would like it for loulad :wink:

what’s wara9at l7amam

what’s wara9at l7amam[/quote]
7ta intiya kounti ma3 tma fbeit lma??? lollllllll

7baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassss fin kant hya :s mabantliiiiiiiiiiiich domage :frowning:

fo’ sho’