farfoora & araktini?

what do these words mean?

You still getting in trouble with mad Moroccan boys :mdr:

Farfoora has no meaning, but it often refers to a cartoon characters, mostly mice or similar of those who have two teeth in the front.

Araktini ? try to give the right spelling, because it doesn’t sound right ? it’s close to “3aragtini” = you made me sweat.
It’s also close to Fos7a “ara9tini” = you caused me not to sleep (insomnia)

NO NO no moroccan boys wallahi, araktini is from a song and farfoora i saw two girls saying it to each other :slight_smile:

thanks a lot though, i think ara9tini would be the right one, makes sense in the context.

could you give the contest, just to make sure :ok:

context is: http://www.wa3r.com/music/ahmed/soultan.html
piste 6 is the one. sounds a bit berber to me.

nope ! sorry i can’t bear listening to egyptien songs :no:

its not egyptian. nevermind

Oops, i confused it with Baha sultan ! i know Ahmed sultan, & i can’t bear him either :yuck:

How dare you say that? :fouet:

pb: you should say either: ‘i cant stand him’ or ‘i cant bear to listen to his music’…why? its stupid, but i think we can only use ‘bear’ followed by a verb.

question@pb: 3aragtini-- this is in darija? with the moroccan ? sound?

choukrannnnnn llah 7afdak

Yeah, 3arragtini is 100% Darija, word & spelling, because in Fos7a we don’t say 3rag (sweat) neither 3aragtini :slight_smile:

thanks, now i have the correct spelling in my head :cool:

i don’t think that makes much difference, there’s no words can describe my hate to Moroccan pop/rnb. especially the type of that idiot Sultan ! :rofl:

Russel Peters’ indian accent SOMEBODY GONNA GET A HURT!

Russel Peters’ indian accent SOMEBODY GONNA GET A HURT![/quote]
I’d love to :wink:

you’d love to get hurt? PB> :eye:

By you ? yes :slight_smile:


7ta :unsure: :unsure: