far away from darija

pls translate

  1. ktabt 7arf lawal smitha fi sadri

  2. 2na kalimatoki si7ron la yosaf 3ndma a9raoha atajarado mani nafsi adobo ka jalido talj

  3. 3andama takonina 7abibati o ridoki li wa7adi 7ata daka l9amar modi2

  4. ana m5ali wa7ad zaghba fi cha3ri hia 9alat lia sir 7ayadha wach 7ayadha ??

  1. I wrote the first letter of her name on my chest

  2. your word is a magic that can’t be described, when i read it i tear apart from myself, i melt like ice

  3. when you’re my lover, i want you for me alone, as well as that shinning moon

  4. i left a hair in my head, she told me to go take it off, shall i ?

1 & 4 are in Darija
2 &3 are in classic arabic

    • That’s what I thought, but I kept thinking tattoo. I assume this does not mean he tattooed her name on his chest.

2 - Magic!? I’m so embarrased; I should have got that word at least considering my forum name :frowning:

  1. it can mean so, though he should’ve used “wshemt” (tattooed) instead of “ktebt” (wrote).

  2. you couldn’t have figured it out that easy, your name is “sahir” which is the person that practices “sihr”, there’s a different in pronounciation, besides the ‘h’ / ‘7’ thing