FAO of Students of Knowledge

As-salaam alaikum

I have recently joined this forum and i woud like to meet students or members who have family/friends they know of who are engaged
in the study of deen from Fez in order that we may use this platofrm to communicate and network.

I wish all those bros/sisters making the journey for Hajj this year all the best,may allah(swt) grant you the best of rewards.
I would be interested in hearing peoples plans as Eid approaches ie what they do to mark the occasion


Wa 3laikum assalam

merci - comment ca va?

tell me a little about yourself…im 30 m from the UK :slight_smile:

Welcome in Mr 30 years old !!

jazakallah khair- thank you - i hope youve had a good weekend - have you any plans for Eid

Welcome scot10 !

I’m glad to see that you’re interested in deen and you want to find students who do islamic studies. I’m not sure you’ll find them here, but there are several forums dedicated to islam where you can get the answer of all your questions.

and for el Eid, I’m not doing anything, I’ll just call my family in Morocco to wish them a happy Eid. What’s your plans ?


great to hear from you - beaucoup de votre conseillent! any that you would recommend that give a balanced view?

I wanted to use this forum to connect specifically with morrocon people as i am planning to travel there inshahallah when i have the means to do so.

My family and I will be going to the mosque for fajr then eid prayers. then after we usually go to the gravesite of our relatives who have passed to give them salaam too. Afterwards we’ll spend some of the day visiting relatives in our city. :slight_smile:

I wish you and your family the best of Eid

Hope to hear from you soon