family messages

I would really like to send two short messages in Darija to two members of my family in Morocco who don’t speak French or English. The first is for my grandmother:

Dear Mwie,
How are you? I hope that you are well and that you are in good health. I am well and Dymphna is also very well, she sends her love. I am now studying Psychology, I am very happy, as it is an interesting subject. I have been trying to learn Arabic so that one day I will be able to speak to you. I look forward to seeing you again. Take care of yourself.

The second is for my Aunt Amina

Dear Aunt Amina,
How are you? I hope that you are well, I am fine and Dymphna also sends her love. I hope that Hamza is doing well in school and that he is continuing to learn English. How are Laila and Siham? I hope that they are well and that Mohammed is well. I have written a small card for Mwie, I have sent it to you and hope that you can pass it on to her, thank you.
I look forward to seeing you all again.

I would really appreciate if you could translate these messages, as I have never been able to communicate with them personally, only with the help of French speaking relatives who translate what I want to say. Even though it is a simple message, it would be very special, especially for my Grandmother.


I can do it for you, but as usual, I kind of intervene, I hope you don’t mind. I will be writing the messages in Arabic letters, for sure. But are you sure you want them in Darija and not in MSA? Another question: Is your grandma literate? If not, I don’t think that mentioning the word psychology would mean anything to her :).
Let me know for me to post the translations for you.

Hi myriam,

This is an Arabic Translation (Moroccan Darija) for your massages.

The First Message for your Mother (Mwie) :

The Seconde Message for your Aunt Amina:

I hope that’s help :slight_smile:

Signé : Khalil Bichri

Salam Khalil, thanks a lot for helping, that’s nice of you.
Let me welcome you in the forum, and please post an intro about yourself in the new members section.

I have two remarks.

  • You called Amina a paternal aunt (3mtî), while she could be a maternal one (khâlti).
  • In the first message, it’s not that Myriam “would like to learn Arabic”, she IS learning Arabic.

Thank you very much Khalil, Choukran Bzeff and welcome to the forum, that’s very kind of you to do that. Yes, I was hoping for a translation into Darija - so that’s perfect. My aunt Amina is from the paternal side, so I guess 3mtî is correct.

Vous êtes trés gentil. :^^:

Here it is, I just changed the part about learning Arabic.

You can try to read them ;).


Choukran Bzeff pour ça vous êtes aussi trés gentil :smiley: I can copy the message into a nice card and send it this week. My Grandmother will be very very happy, it will be nice to give her something personal, even if she can’t read it, as I am always passing messages through my cousins. You have been a great help. 'llah yrhem waldik


Wâldînâ w wâldîk :slight_smile: [My own parents and yours]

You’re welcome. Thanks to Khalil too. See? His only message on the forum was to help YOU ;).