Any facebookers here??

Yes! I am.
Are you on facebook too?

I am there too, but I dislike it :hm:

yes, i have a facebook account :slight_smile:

I am not a FaceBook.

Does that have anything to do with the case of Fouad Mortada? Or you just don’t like to do like everyone else does?

Im on facebook and I realy hate it …

why do u guys hate it?
reasons plz :slight_smile:

I think I have an account there, but I rarely log in to check around.

Why I hate it? Hmm! Why should I love it? I hate all the poke-poke-poke stuff, people inviting you to groups you are not interested in, sending you apps you don’t have time to test, and ruining your wall with stupid videos and jokes. :smiley:

exactly .
is a nice page , but you can’t have you’re own privacy , couse somthimes people can see you’re privet pictures .
and some friends they post you personal messages , on youre wall . and everyone can read it .

@ bnita : ignore them :stuck_out_tongue:
@ amin: true ppl can read what others wrote on your wall, u have a privacy option for your pictures and u can put some ppl on limited profile.
but i still like FB!!

I would like to have u as friends :smiley: u seem like nice ppl :slight_smile:

We are already friends, thanks to the forum :).
You can easily find me there, I am using this same nickname. Please feel free to add me.

aha…ok :slight_smile:

aha…ok :recherche:

I already found her :stuck_out_tongue:

Me? :smiley: