Facebook Song in Moroccan Arabic

HILARIOUS song. Beware of some parts with fool language. The rest is funny.



It sounds so funny for my russian ears :rofl: lol

doudi :open_mouth: wtf :frowning: i was shocked
where is the fool language u were talkin about :s
duuuude find us sth nasty :stuck_out_tongue: … raw daw for example wuahahahahhahahaha

What’s raw daw?
The fool language is in “yen3e* book a facebook”. That’s rude enough to me.

Touta, lol @ my Russian ears

dont tell me u dont know : raw daw hezzek lma derbek daw , w lli derro ***** ykemdaw …
have u ever heard about 3ewd lil ?

No, we are not from the same planet.

alllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa come on ur not native safi safi 3e9t bik :smiley:

I told you before, you’ll try very hard, you’ll never get it. Ma kanjich ana bel2el7a7.

doudi wellah mafiha la il7a7 la walo … walakin 3ewd lil kolchi 3arfha sauf ila konti kbira bezzaaaaf w je doute parceke kat3rfi ch7al mn 7aja dial les jeunes :s

Doudi…u don’t wanna listen to 3awd lil, trust me.

paper ana magoltch 3ewd lil mezianine … i dont like their songs too ( apart from mas3oud :stuck_out_tongue: )
walakin as a moroccan khasni darouri n3rfhom , awla lla ?

Awla la, I say.
lol I never said I was sghiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiira bzzaf. Yemken ana cool m3a wladi w houma m3allminni kolshi sauf had 3awd llil. :fouet:
3adw llil is not the only thing you know and that I don’t know :stuck_out_tongue:

So if I dare to say that I don’t like couscous, what will you do? You will take away my Moroccan ID card? lollllll