expressions (!)

Ever needed to raise your voice in darija? Here are some expressions with an exclamation mark you can use in your next discussion.
But remember, jer7 le-klam qbe7 men jer7 le-7sam. Answers are mixed-up.

  1. shouldn’t you be going!
  2. no, really!
  3. you won’t listen!
  4. pay attention next time!
  5. look at that!
  6. get a hold of yourself!
  7. mind your own business!
  8. get lost!
  9. I got it now!
  10. don’t be ashamed!
  11. caught you in the act!
  12. rubbish!
  13. you blew it!
  14. your ruined me!

a. wa hada huwa doukhlane f’ssa7a!
b. malek lesqa!
c. ddi 3ayn-ek!
d. katehder f l-khwa l-khawi
e. 3ad tel3at m3aya!
f. ma-kayn-sh lmza7!
g. beddel ssa7a b’ukhra!
h. khrejti 3liya!
i. hshuma mrat-u d shaytan!
j. ras-ek qase7!
k. ha wdni mennek!!
l. jma3 ras-ek!
m. 7assalt-ek qitti!
n. ka7alti-ha!

This is hard for me, but I’ll have a few guesses - and include reasons for my guesses :

ddi 3ayn-ek - pay attention next time ( because : 3ayn = eye )

ha wdni mennek - you won’t listen ( because : wdn = ear )

get a hold of yourself - hshuma mrat-u d shaytan ( shame wife of the devil )

khrejti 3liya - shouldn’t you be going ( because : khrej = leave, go out )

Hello ,

Can you write these words in arabic letter pls . It is really difficult for us to understand it :cry:

isn’t haa wdni mnnek more like “im going to get you back for this!” or perhaps “you will pay!”

Good job Lisec =) i hope mr marteen can come back down and correct them for you

very interesting
and hard to do also
this is some attempts. hopping they’ll be correct


no, really! : 3ad tel3at m3aya!

mind your own business! : jma3 ras-ek!

get lost! : beddel ssa7a b’ukhra!

don’t be ashamed! : hshuma mrat-u d shaytan!

rubbish! : katehder f l-khwa l-khawi

your ruined me! : khrejti 3liya!

that’s all I guess

to mr. maarten

most of ppl here are learnin darija spoken in the centre of morocco , and what u wrote is the northen moroccan darija , which is dificult even for us (natives)
another thing loooll : ''m. 7assalt-ek qitti! ‘’ <===== heheheh whats this dude , this is even hard for my granma with her 80 years of experience in darija loolll
plz pay attention to ur slang darija :smiley:

ps- im not racist i have a lot of friends from tanger tetuan chaouen … and i found a lot of problem in understandin them at first , now thnk God i get they say … so dont be offended by my remarks


Is anyone kind enough to actually give us the answers of this exercise already? GEEEEEEZ :roll: