tfeDDlu. Some Moroccan Arabic expressions.
I took some inspiration from the picture above and decided it would be nice to mix up the English tranlations. You have to think for yourself now.

  1. dxl súq ráS-ek
  2. fqa qelb-u
  3. ma 3andi- ma yetsal l-ek
  4. had s-suq xawi
  5. Ra-h 3al j-jmer
  6. ghir xDra fuq T-T3am
  7. elli 3andu-u ghir bab we7da LLah isdd-ha 3li-h
  8. zerda wlla gherda
  9. tlef l-u raS el-xiT
  10. yr3ref ej-jnun fin saknin
  11. yedd-u Twila
  12. 3al er-raS w el-3in
  13. Tle3 l-u d-dem
  14. qerqeb 3li-ha sarut r-rbe7
  15. elli li-ha li-ha

a. to loose the thread
b. to unburden oneself
c. mind your own business!
d. to be influential
e. with pleasure!
f. it’s come too late to be of any use
g. to get enraged
i. to go for it/risk everything
j. to know it all
k. that’s useless!
l. to have something up one’s sleeve
m. all or nothing!
n. to take off one’s hat to someone
o. to be in an awkward predicament
p. to applaud/aprove

That is difficult for me. Let’s try these two… I am curious for the rest :unsure:

had s-suq xawi - that’s useless!
yedd-u Twila - to be influential


hard task (for me), but i love it

  1. yr3ref ej-jnun fin saknin j. to know it all ?