Explanation of "hadik" and "fnnan"

I think “hadik” means “that/this one” when referring to a feminine object, but a little explanation to clarify would be nice, plus some examples of its usage 3afak :smiley:

also, what does fnnan mean? i hear this word in Camera Nojoum so i’m curious :slight_smile:


You’re right, the usage is too simple. & it may mean only “that” without “one”, like when refering to someone/something (feminin) that is abscent : hadik l bent (that girl), also : hadik l marra (that time)…etc.

Fnnan = Artist.

It comes from “Fann” = Art, the verb is “fanna”. & the “fann” means creating & doing something in a good/beautiful way.

However, in classic arabic, the Jahiliya era (before Mohammad PBUH), “fannan” meant that animal who people use to ride or to bring water or other stuff, which is known nowadays as “7imar” (donkey), that’s partly why i love to call all the singers/actors “fannana”.

Example: A.Sultan is a very special & unique Moroccan Fannan :stuck_out_tongue:

shoukran bzaf bzaf for all the info. i get it allll now

I’ll just pretend i didn’t read the last sentence. :mad:

You’re not good at pretending :^^: i know i know , i’m lookin for a slap in the face :blush:

I don’t like violence :hap: So i will leave the punishing up to Allah.

Allah doesn’t love Sultan, he’s a singer

Allah doesn’t like those who judge others either … he might be a bit of an off-the-track dude, but i try to look on the bright side.

I didn’t like him even before i become a lil bit religious, i got nth against him personnaly, i just hate all Moroccan Pop/rnb.

So what do you say for “that boy”? Hadak l-wld?


Also it’s said as dak/dik (without “ha”)