Exercise 25: Transcribe and Translate Video from Moroccan Arabic

[color=#FE1500]Exercise in English.[/color]

This is a small part of a Moroccan show called “sîr 7ttâ tjî”, that takes place in a Moroccan administration. The primary actors are the employees of that administration.
The lady in blue is supposed to be a foreign lady living in Morocco, so she supposedly speaks Darija with a French accent.


Take any part of the video, any sentence, or any expression, write it down and try to translate it. We don’t have to transcribe the whole video, but that’s up to you guys.

What a project. Sounds great, inshallah I’ll get to it tomorrow.

Take your time :). Other members will sure be in as soon as someone is brave enough to get started ;).

Hi… sorry it took me a while to respond for htis one. This was kind of daunting because it reminds me how much I still don’t know… :hap:
Anyway this is what I think I heard in some places and what I think it means.

0:20 Makayn mushkil
No problem.
(easy enough)

0:55 Kifash howa sefat email?
How did he send an email?

1:00 …m3qol anisa amal kanshkorek alhad sou’ad dyalk.
…serious anisa work I am something to you to something of yours.
ha I tried…

And then when the guy just wakes up he says fin rosa, that means where is the bride yes? But he is still talking in his sleep so the other guy says fiq fiq which means awake.
And later he says Ash kandeiro = what are we doing?

2:11 - Ja lweqt fiha ngolek kul chi.
The time has come in which I tell you everything.

Hunak wahed ishkaliya.
There is a … [something]

2:36 Ah… logha 3rabiya fous’ha. Magnifique.
Language of Classical Arabic. Beautiful.

I understood a couple other words here and there, but those are the most substantial things I could eke out today.

Oh cool! Thanks a lot! I still don’t understand very much, but I’m sure that these videos will be more than helpful for learning!!!

Shukran, Xsara

There was a few time the word arûsa (spelling???) bride and the song they “sang” is something you sing at a wedding.

I got more of it, I’ll look later more carefull at it and write something down.

Very hard for me :huh:

this is what I noted the second time I listened : shkun, makayn mushkeel, ghadi…, daruri (? this sounds familiar ?? what does it mean ?) , w hada, kifash, mashi mushkeel, walakin, fkr, kandiru, goli, shi haja, kulshi, snan (?) teeth ?, loghra arabiya fosha, shnu, ana … daba

just odd words - and no idea really of what they are talking about :unsure:

Thanks in advance for help everybody -
and special thanks again to SM :smiley:


I know this is nearly 4 years too late, but is there any chance we could do more transcribing exercises like this one? I’ve been trying hard to transcribe moroccan TV shows, films, etc. on my own but no I’ve had little or no luck far. Simplymoroccan, do you still visit the forums nowadays? I really miss your posts. Can you please help me transcribe this video?

Thank you for posting this, I’m finding songs/films one of the best ways to test my progress - I’m yet to figure out anything more from this (other than odd words) than what other people have already posted and, like Autumn said, it reminds me of how much I don’t know . . . but when I think back 10 months and remember that I knew no Darija at all for my first trip to Morocco, it’s great to have the opportunity to watch something like this and realise that, actually, I HAVE learnt SOMETHING! :slight_smile: I will keep track of this thread and try my luck with understanding the video again after my next visit to l Maghrib in 10 days time . . .