ewa chati khassak tkhalass lfalta (lol) alors koi d9????

hi! can anyone help me with the translation to spanish or english plz?? i understand some words but it doesnt make any sense what i got from it :neu:

coment va tu ? hakda darna safé tu ndonne plus de
tes nouvelles ni rien du tt ? ewa chati khassak tkhalass
lfalta (lol) alors koi d9? kestu devient? t’en est ou
etc… donne moi de tes nouvelles


" How’re u doing ? is this what we’ve agreed on ? you don’t give any news about you or anything ! see ? you have to pay the breach/infraction (lol) so what’s new ? what are you thinking, where have you been…etc, give me your news "


is that the words u want to surprise frends with
seems more like u surprised frends by spyin their mobiles


looooll ze3ma stoooooooooooooooooopp hhhahh maybe this msg was for her

she’s girl
msg is to boy
and from a nautty girl

ahha l okht khedama m3a DST ???
sorry andrea … we r messin up ur post :stuck_out_tongue:


andrea, we allways tease new members

what are you thinking - what have you become?

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh la nti 9dima … mab9awch croatia

lhijra w maddir

fin mhajra l okht ???

ma n3rf
makan 3arf hatta wahad bi had lism

where is okht

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wa ghir gouli bagha nb9a mejhoulat lhowya w bla felsafa :stuck_out_tongue:

fin majliyya ljaliya??

hahahah wi mais fin f leurope si c possible ze3ma … sinon nsay bzerba :smiley:

wahad train w nji nechreb kouiyis datay

hhhh ljaza2ir wellat f europa wlla ???

lla mais ghadi nmovi l spanya
galou li lkhadma temma bel 3aram

megherb 7san

spania hhhhhhhhh lkhedma hhhhhhhhhh r u crazy ???
yeah yeah go to morocco its better for u :stuck_out_tongue:

chouf akhti rajal
qerzaz 3la kas d atay