everybody insults her in morocco XD

so this is the girl who works for IAM … this is the girl who tells u whenever u call someone : “inna ra9am lhatifi ladi tatlobonah ghayr mochaghal aw kharij taghtya” and ofcourse u insult her loll
hhhhhhh i like when mom calls her 3a9roucha :smiley:
this is her pic

haha aww miskeena :roll:

But why it always a woman for? its like in every country, shes da phone operator and shes da voice in buses and trains…weird :huh:

the world is unfair mini :stuck_out_tongue:

not only women mini, a men also :ok:

anyway I like their voices, always sounds nice …

3a9roucha … :roll: what does it mean ?

Na I’m not sayins its unfair just weird lol :slight_smile:

touta : dunno lloll i cant find an equivalent in english …

mini : ok ok what about the word sexism ???

ok MAD thanks :wink:
maybe without translation it’s even better… I can imagine this 3a9roucha lool

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah imagine a bad ugly old woman :smiley:

Na not even dat, coz maybe ppl lyk have women operators :smiley:

lol we have a woman here too, she’s so annoying

“The person you have called is currently unavailable, please try again later”

or the one i always get :confused: --> “Optus would like to advise that you have insufficient credit to make a call, remember to recharge”

lol im sure it sounds cool in an aussie accent :smiley: ours is just posh “The person you have called is unavailable. Please try again or leave a message” well duh :hm:

there is a funny sketch about this message in a show of GAD el maleh … i think the show was " la vie normal " aint sure thou … ill look for it and post it later

lol mini, you eventually get sick of it trust me :smiley:

mad, we’re waiting

esp wen u really need to get thru so u just vent all ur anger at a computer voice haha :cool:

exactly lol… when you’re standing in a train that’s going 80 k/h through a tunnel and swinging from side to side and u got nothing to hold on to except for the old man standing next to u, then her voice can be a tad bit irritating. :smiley:

Lmao hahaha yeah I know its real annoyin not havin connection in da underground, esp wen u need 2 send dat real important text and all u can see is dat annoying ‘SOS’ part wen u want all da bars of connection up :S

daaaass what im talking about… it’s so annoyingggg, makes u feel like you’re underground where the miners are :confused: scary stuff wellah. and then my mum calls me and asks me why i’m ignoring her calls, im like wthhh u didn’t even call me, and shes yelling at me, pretty much the whole carriage can hear her, then i realise it’s coz there was no reception so when she called earlier the line seemed busy, so she goes ballistic on me :smiley: … Mums, can’t live with 'em can’t live without 'em :smiley:

Haha that’s sooo true! Or u end up receivin like 50 msgs afta u step outside dat were sent like ages ago… .ah phones :roll:

yeah true, oh well at least you get a few minutes of peace each day, without people pestering u via messages and calls

dats if ur not busy trying to pester someone else lol