essential verbs for the reggada fan

Any reggada rif fans out there?
Ever noticed that every single song of this genre practically tells the same story?
Just learn the seven essential ‘disco mlilia’ verbs listed below and you never have to sing out of key anymore.
Try it out!

  1. wllf as in welleftek
  2. 7bb as in 7bbitek
  3. sbbr as in sebberni
  4. rdd as in ma rdditsh 3liya
  5. sm7 as in rani ghlate, sam7i liya
  6. khmmem as in ma khmmemtishi fiya
  7. jre7 as in jre7ti li l3awatif dyali

[sub]answers are mixed up![/sub]
a) you don’t give me a thought
b) I love you
c) I got used to (being with) you
d) you make me wait
e) you don’t respond
f) you hurt my feelings
g) I blew it, I’m sorry

1 C
2 B
3 D
4 E
5 G
6 A
7 F

miya f miya! Excellent score.