english to moroccan translation please

can someone translate this for me please :^^:
might be some type-os in there sorry about that if there is

nta sween ov nta ket ajebny besafe, bhal nta nkdar ngoul lik goul shee mouhim ten kovnov bou hadna! ba eet n goul lik ken houb bek!

Nta zwin ou kat 3jebni bzaf= your handsome and i like you a lot
bhal nta n9der ngoulik koulshi= I can tell everything to a person like you ( you are a person i can trust)
mouhim htan nkouno bo7edna= anyways, we’ll leave it till we are alone
bghit ngoulik ken habbik= i want to tell u i love you

SM:jatni had joumla shwiya mkherb9a, correct my mistakes …thnx

thanks bro

Im a girl :smiley: , hehe

ur welcome

MarocRulz, your translation is fine :). Well done.