English to darija small translations<3

hello! I really need some small phrases/words translated into darija if you wouldn’t mind :slight_smile:
they are for an art project, so they are kind of poetic phrases. let me know if they dont translate that well!
thank you so so much :slight_smile: shukran bizaf <3

  1. i am home to you, to i
  2. her skin is like a flower petal
  3. i want to swim through your brain
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ana fe dar li 3andek, we li 3andi

3andha jelde b7ale l’werdate deflal (i don’t know if you mean that kind of flower by petal)

bari n3oume fe tefkirek
(you can say “bari n3oume fe 3a9lek” because 3a9le = brain , but i give that for giving mean of you poetic)

Feel free to message me, I can help +212 682 94 75 10

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Would you help me with some darija words as I can’t find any applications for translation from English

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Yes sure, I’m not always here, so feel free to message me, this is my number +212 6 82 94 75 10