English--British, England--Great Britain--United Kingdom, etc

I’m confused about how to describe myself and my family in Darija, which isn’t helped by the overlapping descriptions in the UK. I’ve been taught the word group n’gliiz etc, but I’m also aware of the word anglatira.

How do I say

  • I speak English
  • I am Scottish
  • I am British (i.e. England+Scotland+Wales)
  • I live in Wales
  • I live in the United Kingdom (i.e. Great Britain + Northern Ireland)


As you said, the word nglîz may do. Inglatirrâ is for England.
Here are the tanslations:

  • I speak English = Kanhdr nngliziyya.
  • I am Scottish = Ana skotlandî.
  • I am British = Ana brîTânî (Not so sure)
  • I live in Wales = Kanskon f wîlz.
  • I live in the United Kingdom = kanskon f nnglîz.

I hope this helps.

Many thanks for that.