I was hoping someone could translate this into Moroccan Arabic for me (if you could also add the transliteration, that would be helpful as well!)

Note: I am a man, speaking to an older woman.

“I hope you have a wonderful trip; please enjoy every moment of the beautiful desert sun while you are in Morroco. May Allah bless you and your family, and protect you during your journey. I will be in school when you return, but it was very nice to meet you. God bless you.”

I know it is a bit long, but any help will be appreciated!

Thank you again!

Here it is:

Kantmnna lik safar zwin. Tmtt3i bkolla la7da f shmsh zzwina dyal ss7ra mlli tkouni f lmghrib. Allah y7fdk w y7fk 3a2iltk, w ywsslkom 3la khir. Ghadi nkoun f lmdrasa mlli trj3i, walakin rah ana fr7an 7it tlaqit bik. Allah y3awnk.

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Here is the exact translation, I had to adjust some parts:
I wish you a nice trip. Enjoy every moment under the beautiful sun of the desert when you are in Morocco. May God protect you and protect your family, and make you arrive safely. I will be in school when you return, but I was very pleased to meet you. May God help you.