Eng>ara Please Help Me; Its So Important To Me ):

I need help please translate the following sentences from english to the arabic what the speak in casablanca …

hello, I’m very mad at you. I’ve sent you like 20 sms just to show and tell you,
how much I do love you, and I didn’t even get an answer. Anyways, you’ve changed my life.
I remember the day in El Jadida where you came to me , and I didn’t answer you, because
I thought you were just another moroccan boy. But when I saw your face… your eyes, you lips,
I knew you weren’t just a typical moroccan boy. When you gave me the first kiss I knew
this time is going to be the most wonderful time in my life. Even though we were ‘‘dating’’
just 1-2 weeks, you mean the world to me. Everytime I sit in school, I think of you, and my teacher
gets mad at me because I don’t listen to his words. Everynight I listen to music look at your photo and cry.
This is the most hardest time in my life. I wish I could just forget you, but at the other side I can’t because I need you. I wish I could just come back to you. This may sounds stupid but it’s the truth. I miss you
kisses, touches, and everything. ok basically I want to make your life easier : Just try to forget me and search a new girlfriend. Forget me. I love you forever , no matter what.

Here i am sweet little lover !!
i hope that’ll help you with your moroccan boyfriend… it’s the right translation :wink:

salam, ana ka3ya 3Lik bezzaf. sifet lik kter men 20 sms bach ngoullik ou nwerrik ch7al kanbghik, ou mazal majawebtini. lmouhim, bedelti lya 7yati.
ba9a 3a9la n’har jiti 3endi f’el jadida, ou majawebtekch, 7itach nts7abek b7alek b7al drari lakhrayne. walakine mni cheft wej’hek, 3aynik ou foumek, 3reft belli rak mtmeyezz 3la lakhrayne. mni bestini lboussa lewla 3reft bli 7yati ghada tbedel ou ghada twelli zwina. wakha tla9ina 1 oula 2 simanate kenti kat3ni lya bezzaf. koula n’har kanreyye7 fl’medrassa kanfekker fik, oul’mou3allim kayk3a 3lya 7itach makantebbe3ch m3ah l’derss ta3ou. kantmezzek lmezzika ou nchouf tsawer ou kanbda nbki.
hadi hya as3ab le7da f7yati, kantmenna nssak walakine man9edch 7itach me7tajak… kantmenna nrje3 lik, walakine besse7, twe7echtek bezzaaaaaaaaaaf.
kanboussek, ou kan3en9ek ou koulchi. lmouhim bghit nsehhel 3lik 7yatek, bghitek tnsani ou tchouf lik chi bent nass khra… sme7 lya lya, kanbghik bezzaf wakha ytra li ytra.

schoukran bzf bzzzzzzzzzzf… twa7chto bzzzzf … ana mn9drtch nsayhe ):

you’re pretty welcome dear !! :slight_smile:

that’s cute

lol I’m so thankful for nice ppl like you:)
does anyone know what this means? :S

amine: wahad lhatra dazti nti o reida kan chad manak
man darb!

Sara : chkon ligalalik had lhadra ???

amine: rah chtakom
amine: wahad lmara chtini fach kanti nti o chadia radin lhanot ltaht
amine: kant ana o wahad dari o hwa inag 3lik

Here you go esmeralda!
Did my best but somebody might come up with an even better translation

Amine: once you were passing by with Reida!
Sara: who told you that???
Amine: I saw both of you
Amine: you saw me once. When you went down to the grocery-shop with Chadia
Amine: I was with a guy who stated teasing/talking to you

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thanks for the translation, it means alot to me <3

You’re welcome :slight_smile: