EN to DR

so i want these to be translated into darija if possible:

  • i can’t thank you enough (like when expressing so much gratitude to someone)

  • beauty is in the eyes of the beholder (something like, it is the beautiful person that sees everything as beautiful)

choukran d’avance :slight_smile:
w llah y7fdkom

For the beauty thing, it’s simple:

  • 'zzeen kyshoof kolshi zin, (the beautiful sees everything beautiful) or…
  • lly 3ayno zwina ra yshoof kolshi zwin (that with beautiful eyes sees everything beautiful)
  • zzin rah f 3ayn lli kyshof zin (the beauty is in the eye of the beholder)

For the thank one :unsure: i can’t think of a good equivalent !
the exact translation would be : ma n9darsh nshokrk kifaya or mahma dert ma n9darsh nshokrk or shno mma dert, ma n9darsh nshokrk / n redd lik

waaaa ma n9derch nchokrek kifaya a khoya PB!!! barakallahu fik

i really liked zzin kayshoof kolchi zin, it’s simple and remember-able and meaningful… thanks again!

@Lalla : can I disagree with you about the meaning of the saying in English “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” - I think it means that we all have different ways of seeing things or different tastes. For example, I don’t share the view of the current popular beauty ideal, I don’t perceive someone like Paris Hilton or many other so-called ‘celebrities’ as beautiful.

of course you can disagree lise, everyone is entitled to an opinion and i continue to stay strong to mine :slight_smile:

regarding Paris Hilton and other “fake beauties”, i don’t necessarily only mean “physical beauty” but also the inner beauty that every single living thing has at least some form of :slight_smile:

and it really falls down to the word beautiful… what IS beautiful? that is the question :wink:
bsalama 3lik

I actually always thought that the behold refers to the owner of the “thing” he/she sees as beautiful. Therefore, when you asked for the translation, I automatically thought of the Moroccan proverb: lqder f 3in mmo ghazal = The monkey is seen by his mother as a gazelle, gazelle being a symbol of beauty in Morocco.

beholder is the owner of the eyes which are looking :wink:

btw i like the l9der f3in mmo ghazal thing, in turkish we say “kirpi bile “pamuk yavrum” dermis” which literally translates to, even a porcupine says “oh my lovely soft baby” to it’s own offspring… pamuk is cotton fyi :smiley: so it would say “my cotton baby”