El Ayn Muleyyati



The song is sung by a Turkish group called Kardesh Türküler.

Can you Arabs understand the lyrics?

Is it a famous song?

Salam, i just listened to it and BOYYYY do they have a Turkish accent, i could tell they aren’t native Arabic speakers, especially with how they say “asmar”, it was really Turkish (esmer) and the a’s were e-like.
Anyway it was a nice song and i was impressed how they said “3rabiyya”, they tried hard there :wink: need to give them some credit for that! :slight_smile:

The melody sounds familiar to me, but I don’t know the song. If I concentrate hard, I can get the lyrics, but they have a very strong Turkish accent. They don’t articulate Arabic very well, and at some parts, you may even think that they are actually singing in Turkish.

You can’t refer though to the fact that I do not know the song to think that it’s not famous.

A belated thank you to you :slight_smile:

hehe, I know the Turkish accent sounds horrible :stuck_out_tongue:

I have found the chorus in Arabic:

[large]??? ??? ??? ???
??? ??? ??? ?? ??? ???[/large]

I have also found a video on youtube in which the same chorus is sung (listen from 1:50 on).


Two more with the same chorus :slight_smile:
Some of the lyrics in the second video are similar to the one by Kardesh Turkuler.