Eid Greeting To You !!!!!!!!!





Muneeb, it’s good to see you back. Long time no showing up. I hope that you had a very fruitful blessed month.
Happy Eid to you as well. I hope that you’re having a good day.

Happy Eid, or tani 3id, to everyone, once more. :slight_smile:

Assalamu alaikum

Barak’Allahu fik! Eid sa’id!

Wa salam

thank you mun911 :slight_smile:

Eid Mubarak :smiley:

Welcome back muneeb! :slight_smile:
Eid mubarak to u too :slight_smile:

thank you everybody i hope that Ramadan was a blessed month for all of us… :ok:

ur welcome

yak ushtum anna lwalida dyal Tukha kmlat ul Hdjj bslama, lhmdu llah!


HElllloooo there everybody. I keep seeing this topic at the top of the chain, and yet it never has a thing added to it… so, let me say, Happy Day to all of you!!!

happy day ummaryam99 :smiley:

Thank you, Hiba… I was starting to wonder if maybe I have the Plague or something; whatever topic I touch dies…

you’re welcome ummaryam99
lol same here :lol: