Eid emoticones on msn

today on msn, you probably were invited too to download the new msn eid emoticones package… I did, and was a little bit offended…

So among others, the “arabic” eid culture is summed up to this:

  • a woman in hijab with yet heavy makeup
  • chicha smoking
  • wearing chemagh or whatever it’s called
  • riding a camel

surprise surprise !

While others are actually happy that they care about us & made imoticons for us…somebody finally realized that we’re being offended from under the table !

care about us? they already have the arabia.msn.com and maghreb.msn.com, and that’s plain marketing… I wouldn’t surprised if I learn that it’s some arab fellow who designed those emoticones…

LOL @ riding a camel… haaaaaaa I want a package toooo, i love emoticons :smiley:

no haydoura imticon???

za"ma is very mad now

You got a laptop !!! gotcha !!! :rofl:

You got a laptop !!! gotcha !!! :rofl:[/quote]
ya hliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiili
i never win anything
imta nji nakhdo???

noooooooo :no: i mean i know now that you’re sitting on a laptop, cuz only on a laptop you can mistake the (3) with the (") :mdr:

noooo no no no no
i want mi laptop nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwo

yes ok im using a laptop
does that make me look smartar? jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

nope ! it makes you lazier, cuz u couldn’t press the caps lock to type 3 :spt:

i pleade guilty ur honor

All evidences were against you :albert: you have no choice :stuck_out_tongue:

and abt the empticones
i demand a haydoura emotic

lol funny so basically they think 3id is subject to the 5aleeji’s since only there the camels a big thing and they wear chemaghs there lol