ehm......what does it mean?

hazi 3ainik chofi fiyaaaaa ndik ndik ya drawiya

what does it mean? i understand some words but i can’t understand the whole sense of the period…

thanks for the help :hap:

hazi 3ainik = Raise your eyes.
Chofi fiyaaaaa = Look at meeee :smiley:
Ndik ndik = I’ll take you, I’ll take you.

I am not sure about drawiya, do you have a link to the song?

is this a song???:blink: do you think so? i don’t know…it was a reply under a photo…


drawiya has a lot of meanings?

It rhymes, just by reading it you can hear the beats -lol-. I’d say it’s sure a song.
As for drawiya, I don’t have any idea what it means. It refers to a female (the A ending), that belongs to Dra? (the iya ending), but that doesn’t make sense. Maybe it refers to the Draa (dr3a) region? When it gets this confusing, I just prefer to get to the source of the sentence myself to understand.

MarolRulz, do you have any idea as to what could Drawiya possibly mean?


drawiya means like tanned( brown coloured skin), u know ppl who r not white

That’s used in Casa? I never heard the word.
Do you happen to know the song as well?

ya, they use it in casa
no, i never heard that song :slight_smile:

but it’s not an offensive word…or not? thanks :hap:

it depends who u r saying it to

Calling someone by their color can indeed be offensive, but in this context I don’t think it is.

exactement !

and this other…it seems very difficult for me… Masaltu haian mahma

No context? It’s not easy to guess as it sounds as an incomplete sentence.
Mahma = no matter what (MSA).