Efficiency in Learning a foreign language : your experience ?

salam 3alikum s7abi :slight_smile:

I just read the whole series of posts in the topic [Exercise 10 : What does it mean] (actually it took me a few days :hap:) and I think it’s much more efficient (for me at least) that way than reading a list of sentences with their traductions. Because we can read each one’s tries, some stories related to them (like kounouz’s cockroaches for example :smiley: ), and SM’s explanations (so helpful), so that in the end we can remember them as memories.

I mean the whole point is not about having souvenirs of time spent here (^^ although I like the atmosphere and find you very friendly :slight_smile: ) but I think it helps very much remembering new vocabs, when they’re associated with some memories. Don’t you ?

I’m writing an essay for the university about finding the best conditions/methods to learn a foreign language (I have a real passion for foreign languages), so I would like to have your opinion about that :slight_smile:

Please tell me about the language you learnt the most rapidly and please try to tell me what you think was the most significant reason that made you learn it rapidly ? and if you know some tricks and some methods to learn a language efficiently I’m very much interested :slight_smile:


Salam Mailanie,
to learn darija, this forum is the best for me, because there is a lot of differents exercises, corrections, explanations… so it’s very complete and I try to write all I see for understand and remember it.
And I try to speak darija with a friend from Casablanca.

And for english, I have the method of “the fiancé teacher of english”… he helps me to improve my vocabulary, ma pronunciation, even when I don’t ask anything… :smiley:
a little bit harrowing and sometimes I feel slightly under pressure, but it’s effective! :^^:

selamat pagi !!
I believe the most important factor that helps a person learn a new language is his or her INTEREST, you may have the the resources but without interest it is useless. Take for example numerous people here in Saudi Arabia who have lived here more then 10 years but can not speak a single word in arabic let alone make a proper sentence, when i confront them with this fact they simple reply " what is the use some day i will go back to the my home country ". on another side we have people who have the passion to learn. Learn Arabic in a record time. Same goes for other languages.

When i was in malaysia for my further studies, i happened learn some Malay that was because a good friend was eager to learn arabic and English from me and i wanted to learn Malay from him. Sort of Barter system… but he left the college to join another one so i was back with my pakisatani /indain roommates, when that happens your back to square one…

but I still remember some words and sentences to talk to Malaysian or Indonesians…

Selamat Pagi + Good morning

apa khabar + how are you

harga ini + what is the cost

tere ma kasi + Thank you

thank you mun911, we will should have foreign languages topics (pakistani/ hindi, amazigh, spanish…) it would be really great!:smiley:

I am like you mailanie, i really love studying foreign languages, it is so interesting! i studied (at school) english, spanish, german (it is hard) and latin.

i am learning MSA by myself so it is hard for me! i would have loved to study it at school

easiest that I studied is Spanish because it resembles French much! :smiley:

choukran bikoum ya mun911 wa ya kounouz :slight_smile:

ya mun911, what you used to do with this malay guy is probably close to what is called “tandem” : Two people who are interested in each other’s mother language agree to meet regularly (like every week or every two weeks). And at each meeting, they spend 1 hour speaking only the 1st language, 1 hour speaking only the second (it means, even to explain a new word, you have to talk in the foreign language).
It has very much success, because :

  • both persons are personally motivated
  • you learn by practising (not by reading vocab lists or grammatical rules)*, this is veeeery helpful **
  • you have a private tutor :slight_smile:
  • it can be the occasion to talk about each other’s culture, so you not only learn the language but also the culture :slight_smile:

I’ve done it in german and lately in spanish and now this is nearly what we do in my MSA course, because I’m the only student left in the course :hap:

But for this, one needs to master the basics of the language, otherwise it doesn’t work.

ya Kounouz : I’m sure you would like it ! Try to find a tandem partner for arabic for instance (there are petites annonces on internet), and you’ll probably improve much faster :slight_smile:
And I’ve just started spanish (like, a few weeks ago) and I was soooo surprised to realize how easy it is ! basically, it’s possible to speak spanish for any french person who’s a little open to foreign languages (even if it will probably sound not really beautiful, you can say almost whatever you want to say !)…

  • I mean this can be very useful, but shouldn’t be the main source of your material to learn the foreign language
    ** as in trèèèèèès : moroccan people are used to insist on a word on making it veeeeeery long ^^ I’ve got used to doing it myself haha

One point that i missed out, is that it is easier for some people to learn a language then others based on nationality and languages already known. as pointed Above by kounouz and mailaine for them Spanish was easy to learn that being they knew French.
By the way I notice that Moroccans are indeed fast language learners, and they can speak at least several different languages…
DO YOU AGREE ? :hap:

a friend came from Casablanca told me that at school, she learned french and MSA. And at home, ddarija lmaghribiyya. :blink:
You have interest to adapt oneself quickly!
I don’t know if all Moroccans are in that situation, but it could explain why it’s easier to people like my friend to lean new languages. :slight_smile: