during lunch and wishing

how would you say those?

this is what i wanted to say to my mom in the car, but i was stumped…
during lunch today with a friend, i was wishing for some moutain dew but i had no money…but hey now i have some!

i got stuck at “during lunch” and “wishing” :stuck_out_tongue:

help…please & thank you :smiley:

ok say the whole thing be3da :stuck_out_tongue:
lets c if it is correct :smiley:

gah, okay…you’re not gonna give me the answer that easy now arent chu? :stuck_out_tongue:

okay here i go, watch me have soooo many mistakes :confused:

kent kan ghada m3a sa7bti w _____ 3la mountain dew walakin ma kan hadi lflous…____ daba handi

see u found during the lunch by urself hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

kent kan tghada lyoum m3a sa7ebti w tchehit mountain dew walakin ma kan 3ndi flous … walakin daba 3ndi

hahaha well aint that somethin’!
6 mistakes…and 3 of them were stupid ones! :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: but good try wellah :slight_smile: that makes u less zmagria hhhhh

chokrannn! :wink:

my goal for this year is to get rid of my label as “zmagria”
good to know i’m less of one lol

dont worry :smiley: this is our aim here in SM …

thank goodness i’m here :smiley:

if only it were easy though…

it is easy :smiley: u have the best teacher ever :stuck_out_tongue: … ur mom :wink:

are you sure she’s the best? the same question i asked you…
i asked her, she was like, “i dont know, ma thadrich m3ya kan soug” and gave me a dirty look
i was like “thanks, you’re helpful” (if only i could’ve been able to say that in darija) :stuck_out_tongue:

see a mimi? you’re better than you think :wink:

stop it, you’re flattering me :roll:

i’m really not that good…
i’m alright, just not good enough to be able to conversate :confused:

inchallah, i will someday…i think it’s my shyness :hm:

mimiiiiiiiiiiiiii she is right she was driving :smiley: hahahh we dont speak with the driver especially if she is a woman hhhhhh u dont wanna die hein ?
anyway, dont worry :smiley: im here to be ur teacher :^^:

well…the dirty look wasn’t necessary ! :hm:
anyways, she was the one talking to me, i just simply asked a question.

was that a sexist remark? lol

good to know there are helpful people in this world :smiley:
everyone here is wonderful!

mums dont ya just love em! lol

7ta intiya :hap:

chokran mini walakin mdert walou bach nkoun ‘wonderful’ :stuck_out_tongue:

woman we’ve just had like a billion page convo and i think ur well nice :hap:
as u said wer all wonderful hehe :wink:

haha, hndek l7a9 a mini :wink: we all are!

yes we all are -LA ofcourse :^^:

ps- mimi lol the sexist remark is the truth :smiley: im so sorry hhhh