dssara means?

that’s the question.

Synoym: Bsala.
Meaning: Naughtiness, not behaving well.
Example: Baraka mn ddrasa/lebsala = Enough naughtiness.

thank you for your dictionary-like response :smiley: much appreciated a khtyyyyyy.

When I was little, I thought I’d grow up to be a dictionary.
Today, when I look at myself in the mirror, I feel disappointed.

You can’t be everything in life, and besides, you’re so darn close.

How do I say, “I’m jealous”? coz i am, of your language skills… =)

Come on =).

What we say is “se3daaaaaaaaatek”, meaning “how lucky”. Literally it’s “oh at your happiness”, sa3ada (happiness) in fos7a being the root of the expression, apparently.
I am jealous is literally kanghar mennek, but it has negative connotations. So we use se3datek instead.
You know the famous famous song: lamouni elli gharou menni? Qalou li wach 3ajbek fiha? Jawbet elli jahlo fanni. Khoudo 3ayni choufou biha? I love this part.

Dssara is anything that makes you go: Za3maaaaaaa! :fouet:

Dssara also can have the meaning of “z3ama”, for example, when someone does not know u but they start joking with you in a rude way, that’s dssara, also when someone treat u nicely & respectfuly & u treat them like some kid that plays with u in the street, that’s dssara.

Hmmm PB, you mean being overly bold. I didn’t look at it that way.

we use the word in darija in that sense, & it’s so common, i can for examle be “dasr” on the forum admin, just cuz she’s nice & does not treat members strictly…u got it ? :wistle:

duuuuude wa sahla … dsara = Madridista :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s my boy :ok:


yak a DL ayiti mn l9aria?? lolll