Douzi has a turkish song!!!! :)

Okay so I just downloaded Douzi’s newest album (who is Moroccan, for those that don’t know), and I was astonished to hear turkish in his song xD It’s a nice feeling for someone who is Turkish and learning Darija. The song is nice too, I’m sure the ladies will like it.


Haha i already knew about this song, was gonna tel u but thought u knew, but this song has a really good beat to it and i just LOVE all his songs sigh

yeaaa so true, his voice is just… :okay: btw its not him who’s singing in turkish, its a turkish singer, but I just couldn’t figure out who

haha yeah i know! :ok: yeah i know Douzi aint singin in Turkish i think it’s a singer called something beginning with “A” Arkan or somin?? :huh:

hehe I think you’re hinting at “Tarkan” but its not him… I’m sure of it. I’ll try finding out inshallah, and if not, no big deal :wink:

haha LOL maybe but I swear I read it was a dude with an “A” name, but who cares LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, where did you see the name? In the album itself or on youtube?

on youtube, a commentor said it was him apparently lol

ohhh okay hihi, well commenters on youtube are just as unreliable as asking a man on the street :smiley: but yeah, I’m still on the search :slight_smile:

Hey i found one name, it’s Asuhan, but I’ve never heard of a singer called that :smiley: we’ll just leave it a mystery and enjoy the beat :slight_smile:

nice song, love Douzi’s songs

haha LOL see i said it was close, i said it was beginning with “A” haha LOL

Haha fair enough :wink: you were close, need to give you credit for that… :stuck_out_tongue: