Does Nicolas Sarcozy make any sense to you ?

Sarcozy (today): “we should respect Islam as a religion just like we do to other religions […] the *Burqa/Niqab is not a religious sign, & it’s not welcome in the French soil, because it violates woman’s dignity & freedom”
*Burqa: the Muslim garment that conceals a woman’s face and body.

He says the word, & right after it he says the opposit of it !!!

1 - Wether Burqa is a must in Islam or not, how can he claim its not a religious sign ? what on earth does someone like him knows about Islam. he’s not Muslim, how can he judge what’s a muslim sign & what’s not. & that’s the opposit of what he said about respecting Islam.

2 - If you wanna protect woman’s “freedom”, you prevent her from her “freedom” to cover herself ? that’s another confused statement by him.

3 - How does a woman who covers herself for beliefs be a danger for women’s dignity in all France. french woman can wear whatever they want, it’s for them to protect their dignity their own way, how does another woman who’s covering herself touch their dignity ?

Three confused statement in one short word by a “president” of one of the most “supposedly” important countries in the world.
Does that make sense toyou ?

Well the whole veil issue has nothing (in my view) to do with women’s rights, and everything with power strategies. The irony of the issue is that Sarcozy (along with a whole lot of others) profess their anti-veil policies as a solution to religious & patriarchal coercion (a legitimate concern) - by exercising another form coercion! That in itself is proof that women is not their concern here (whether these anti-veilists are women or men) but something completely different. Should you really care about somebody’s dignity and freedom, you don’t force them to do what you want them to do.

The answer to the N.Sarcozy’s Burqa BS…


loll i like his response, and honestly i wasn’t expecting that accent coming out of that guy :smiley: machaAllah he’s great! he thrashed Sarcozy bigtime!