Does anyone want to tutor me?


I live in Los Angeles and have been trying to find someone who can tutor me in Darija. So my question is…

Does anyone on this forum live in LA (or know someone who does) and have an interesting in tutoring me?

Shoot me an email if you do and let’s try and work something out.



Hi Tim :).

Unfortunately, I don’t know any forum member who lives in LA. Maybe if someone’s hiding around they can drop a line here.

Yep, ANYONE who is living in LA plz pop out :smiley:

I don’t live in LA, but I wanna try how does it feel to “pop out” as you said, while waiting for the LA Moroccan member :smiley:

u can get tutored here!!
all you have to do is ask what u want and ull have it translated!

Indeed, why look for someone in LA, you can get all the help you need here.
Have one of us “adopt” you and help you with your learning. :slight_smile:

Yea! I’m so happy (ana ferhan) I found a tutor!

The reason that I was looking for a tutor in LA is so that I could sit down and actually have a conversation with someone. That way they can correct my pronunciation and help me in the areas where I am weak (and right now, that’s a lot of areas!!!)

I am really grateful for the offers of help. I have lots of questions and plan on asking them.

I look forward to making many new friends!

  • Timmy

Hi / Labas Timmy

You’re lucky to have found a local tutor - face-to-face is great if it can be arranged.

I’m sure you’ll also find this site helpful - we all really appreciate the work of the creators and maintainers of this site (thanks again, everybody !)

Another suggestion you might find useful (you may know of it already) : for language exchange - there are lots of Moroccans on this site. Unfortunately, I find that the sound quality on Voice Chat is not very good, but I have been using the Text Chat. Also interesting for exchanging opinions and information while practising the language.

Good for you Tim, so finally you got to find a Moroccan in LA :). After all, Moroccans are everywhere :hap:.
Happy learning, and count on us for your questions.

And thanks lisec :), I am glad to see people like you that are really keen to learn the language.

Hello. I am new here, but i wanted to see if anyone could help me to learn this language. I have a private teacher, but we are having difficulties in understanding each other… she only speaks french and arabic, and i only speak spanish and english. my moroccan arabic is still very weak. hope you guys can help me, please. thank you soo much!

Welcome aboard, Journey :).
Where are you writing from? Maybe by some chance someone in the forum lives near your place or knows someone who can tutor you there.
It’s very necessary that you have a language in common with your teacher, otherwise you’re just wasting your time.

Thank you.

Yes, i have often thought the same, but I guess challenges still thrill me. :okay:

I am actually visiting morroco and considering the possibilities of sticking around a bit. I have learned some but I think I need someone else now to take me to the next level…

Er… But where are you staying in Morocco? You need to tell us to see if anyone lives close to you.
My advice… Look for some English college student so that you get tutored properly :). In the meantime, work on the exercises you have, you seem to have learned the basics :). Practice makes perfect!