Does anyone know what's the origins of the word "srra9 'zzit" ?

The roach…or the “oil theif” !!!

There’s the stupid legend that says: a man used to sneak at night to steal oil pots, one night & when people nearly catched him, while he was runnin & they were behind him screaming : “CATCH THE OIL THIEF !” ? he was cursed & became a bug !!
Actually this legend doesn’t exist at all, i just created it :blush:

But, you want a logical theory ?
We know that the roach likes warm/hot places, which usually happen to be the kitchen, specifically the spot where a pot is on fire with the food being cooked. & of course in the old times & like everytime they used to cook with oil.
We also know that when you turn the light on (light a candle for that time) & make some noise, the roch start runnin away like he’s stolen something.

So, when you enter the kitchen & find something runin away from your food, what would you call it ? tajin thief ? carrotes thief ? poptatoes thief ? spices thief ? oil thief ? …ummm oil sounds good :rofl: concidering that “oil” can be a symbol to all the kitchen/food if you know what i mean (like for example when you say “shwa” & its a symbol to anything made on shwaya, it could be fish, it could be sheap meat)

I don’ know !! i just thought & made a conclusion, anybody knows any other story ?

nobody :huh: don’t be afraid, the roach won’t come out for you :^^: just come.

srra9 ziit ?!! what was i thinkin !!!

Agreed. :smiley:

u know with the pronunciation of srra9, i fall in love with the 9af, wallahi, i just love how moroccan arabic doesn’t eliminate the 9 sound into just 2, like albi rather than 9albi, which makes darija all the more awesome <3

Agreed. :smiley:

u know with the pronunciation of srra9, i fall in love with the 9af, wallahi, i just love how moroccan arabic doesn’t eliminate the 9 sound into just 2, like albi rather than 9albi, which makes darija all the more awesome <3[/quote]
I’d say you’re a fruitcake, but for you, you’re a [color=#FC1102]9[/color]o[color=#FA1704]9[/color] tajin :^^:
there are north-east dialect that say 2 instead of 9 , most known in Fas city, so they say “sarra2 zzit”

back to the sarra9, fear from roach is not something funny, i mean its a psychological issue, like the Arachnophobia (fear from spiders)

does 9o9 tajin mean fruitcake?

btw fruitcake isn’t very nice when said to a person!! :gun:

and thx for the info, i will make sure to talk like a msria when i go to Fes kekeke… inchallah

no , 9o9 tajin is different, but what’s wrong with fruit cake ? :huh:

fruitcake isn’t nice for a few reasons:

  • generally ‘fruitcake’ is said to a guy who seems/acts gay… :hm:
  • calling someone a fruitcake can mean they’re stupid, blonde or simply a ‘tool’ :neu:

I don’t know which of those u tried calling me… but i know you didn’t mean it in that way… at least i hope so! :unsure:

How about “fruitcake” ? cake with fruits ? sth sweet & delicious…

sweet & delicious? :no: mashy ana. rani bitter w beurk :ok:

w 9mma3a :frowning:

good to know [large].[/large]

which means?? :unsure:

which means?? :unsure:[/quote]
When they try to be nice, & you crack them, that’s called “9mee3” (“9am3” in fos7a).

i didn’t mean to ‘crack’ you while you were trying to be nice, but i was just trying to be honest :hap:
thanks for the new word btw [large].[/large]

It’s not for you/us to decide.

when i stand before the mirror, i say i’m a dectator, zealot, failthy pig & idiot, but when i talk to people, they tell me otherwise.

ah 3ndek l7a9 akhoya olakin, it isn’t hard for a person to pick up on what their negative traits are, yak?
and why u calling yourself a filthy pig???are you insane in the membrane??? :fouet:

It was a test, to see what you gonna do, & you confirmed my idea, its for others to decide wether what we think about ourselves is true or false.

Hmmmmm okay.

hmmm that theory does add up … errr maybe it doesn’t but huh I enjoyed it, thankew for sharing :confused:

there is another theory about the origin of the word “saykook”
actually I have two possible answers to the origin of this word, the first one goes like this

Once upon a time, in a beautiful country called “Morocco” there was a happy family living in a city called benslimane :S … one day, one of her kids didn’t want to eat cuscus cz it was hot thre so the mother didn’t want to see her kid starving so she made him milk shake and cuscus, while she were doing “saykook” her two lil kids were fighting. She screamed " rsa 3la khoook!!!" when the lil kid came to the kitchen to complain abt his brother he found the newly invented meal so he ate it then he was like this saykook is really good and that’s when ppl start calling it like that :S

does this theory add up to anyone of you? :S

anyways, the second theory is :

one day, a moroccan family invited a snobby silly french person ( sorry i’m not a big fan of the french :S) the family offered him “lben m3a kaskso” and the rude french didn’t like it and he was like " sa a coq", the poor generous family thought he called it saykook and that’s how the word was spread.

okay it’s prayer’s time, ima go pray and come back to tellya which theory i think is true

tc dear moroccan sisters and brothers, this is my first day in this lovely forum, i feel i’m among my real brothers and sisters, beslama for now :slight_smile:

You’re my buddy :^^: i’m a loser at french

Your first theory of “rsa 3la khook” = “saykook” <— in the baby’s language, it sounds more common :ok:

It reminds me to the other theory about the chicken that used to pick seeds & they send it away saying : “shhhh loo7 !” coming with “shloo7” as a name for those people.